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My favourite domestic fashion brands

Hi guys! It's me with another update, but this time I’m going to be doing something different. As you might have noticed, apart from being interested in all things digital and branding, I also have a thing for design.

I can freely say that fashion influences what I do and how I approach my work. As someone who is constantly on the Zurich-Belgrade-Chicago route due to work, I get a lot of opportunities to check out some interesting fashion brands and their latest work.

Today I’m going to present you with some of my favourite brands from Serbia. It’s not just because this is my home country, but because I feel these brands truly offer quality that needs to be recognized on the global fashion scene.

As someone who’s worked with some of the top Pret-a-porter and Haute Couture brands, I can say without a doubt that Mihano Momosa is “neck and neck” with them. I feel that Mihano Momosa deserves an Atelier of its own in Paris – right next to all the renowned Haute Couture brands.

When you put Mihailo’s handmade craftsmanship alongside products of some well-established industry names, it’s difficult to separate them in terms of design and quality. What I also love about this designer is that he’s a very talented photographer.

No need to waste words here, to be honest – just visit the profile and see the beauty bestowed upon your eyes. Completely unique, high-quality fabrics/materials, perfectly straight lines, amazing cuts… Apart from her fabulously chic and radical daily wear, she also has a beautiful bridal line. Check out my favorite wedding dress from her collection.

If you want to look hot for a special event or a party, then check out Mo Premiere. Milica Opacic is truly a one-of-a-kind artist. Her words about the brand say it all: “Consistency in work through high-quality materials and manufacturing, the pursuit for new forms are the trademark of the brand. The collections consist of a blend of elegance, luxury, and aggressive femininity, always along with the present Rock spirit”.

I can relate to this extravagant brand from Switzerland that makes its products in Serbia. Seriously, I just love it! I’m not ashamed of saying that I have 8 of their jumpsuits. And why shouldn’t I?

They offer top quality, fantastic designs, and a perfect fit! They let you give them your exact measurements so they can create an ideal fit for your body shape. On top of that, you can choose any color you want for your clothes. Now that’s what I call personalized service!


These are my 4 top Serbian clothing brands – but there are so many others you have to check out if you’re visiting Belgrade. Here are a few honorable mentions.

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