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By now, we have all realized that the coronavirus is NO JOKE! That’s why it is important to keep calm and stay the fuck home so the virus stops spreading eventually!

But this doesn’t mean you should lose all your motivation because quarantine life can get boring – on the contrary actually, we think it’s the best opportunity to make the most out of your extra time and to start LIVING YOUR DREAM!


Actually, it’s pretty simple - just turn your passion or hobby into a business! Now you for sure wonder “why now?” and “doesn't every business struggles right now in this crisis?” - Yes, that’s true, they do. But we’re saying, DON’T SLEEP NOW! The most you make of your extra time NOW, the better you are prepared and the better you will succeed once the coronavirus crisis is over.

How to realize your dreams - a step by step guide to success

1. First things first: your idea!

Think about what you would like to do or who you would like to be or what you would like to work on in the future.

Example: You like fashion? Then create your own collection. You like to travel? Then share your experiences. You are good with numbers? Then use your know-how to help start-ups to get their finances in order.

Sure, now you’ll think “easier said than done” - and surprise, YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT about that! It’s fucking difficult - but it's also DOABLE! You will see, there is a way to turn every passion into a business! Keep going!

2. Now it’s time for a business plan!

And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a HSG graduate to write one. Start with an easy one, brainstorm, take notes and answer the following questions:

1. What do you want to do? Describe your idea, service, product.

2. What’s the goal of your business in the long run?

3. Who would be interested in it and why? Describe your target group.

4. Who is your competitor? What are they doing well? What would you

do differently? Find your USP.

5. How can you make money with it?

6. Finances: what expenses will you have? What would it cost you to realize this project?

7. Finally, ask yourself, do you have enough know-how to realize your idea? If not, then take some (online) courses and educate yourself. Or think about cooperating with someone who has the know-how or experience that you need for your project.

ALWAYS keep in mind – if you are motivated enough, you can do whatever you want!

Recommendation: To get some advice on how to run your business, ask some people who work in the same field to meet for a coffee. Don’t be shy, most of the people will help you if you just ask them for advice. And if not, then they are probably scared that you would do better than them. And that’s even more motivating!

3. Think about your CI (corporate identity)

What should your brand’s name be? How should your logo look like? What colors should be representative for your brand? Get inspired by other brands! Now you have time to google all the companies which you like. Check out their style, fonts, messages, logo, colors, pictures etc. Collect them, create a mood board and think about your own ideas. One thing leads to another.

4. Present your service or product.

How? Easy: Create your own website with spacesquace, jimbdo, wix, shopify.

And no, you don’t need IT or programming knowledge to create your own website. With these platforms, you can easily build up your own by using templates etc.

5. Last but not least – the social channels!

Get started with all your social media channels and find your target group. Start posting continuously and build your own community.

We believe that you can invest the extra time in quarantine in your ideas and projects! Stay productive, stay positive, stay healthy!

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