by Squadplan
The Collector
The Collector's spirit is to offer you unique, handcrafted handbags and accessories, using the best exotic skins, a luxurious suppleness, and a distinct feeling of quality. Highly qualified artisans individually handcraft the products. The interiors of the bags are lined with soft lambskin and finished as beautifully as the exteriors. The hardware is available in gunmetal or rich gold, plated, and zinc-free. This attention to detail and functionality complements the finest quality of materials. It is part of their Swiss DNA.
Management & Ads
Social Media 
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The Collector hired SQUADPLAN to manage the Instagram and Facebook account, to regularly post pictures, create social media ads and inform the followers of upcoming collections, sales, shop openings, events and influencer campaigns. Furthermore, we were responsible to manage a contest that featured dog pictures. The winner received one of the Collector's luxury dog collars.
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