by Squadplan

WEBSITE Design & Development


Your website is the face of your business. Nothing can reflect the core values of your brand quite like a high-quality, captivating website.

Highlight the desirable attributes of your brand with a perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality. Establish a strong Web presence and provide value to the target audience through a luxurious online experience.

At Squadplan, we like to keep things fresh and original with our unique solutions. Think timeless sophistication with a contemporary twist. Our flair for clean & intuitive design sparks your customers’ imagination and leads them on an unforgettable journey.


The quality of your pictures has a big impact on the perception and overall feel of your website. Emphasize your product’s best features and make your target customer zealous to want to reach out and touch it.

We specialize in white background photography that lets your products speak for themselves. All you need to do is pack up your products safely and ship them to our studio in Zurich, Chicago or Belgrade.


After gaining a complete view of your desires, our professional team of photographers will take care of the rest. Once the shoot and post-production are complete, we will send you a download link with premium-quality photos. After your review and approval, we’ll carefully return your items to you.


The way your brand sounds is just as important as the way it looks. To establish a deep emotional connection with your audience, the language and tone of voice in your website


need to balance the design and reinforce your brand values.

However, it’s not about the words you choose to use – but the meaning behind those words. How will your products or services contribute to the lifestyle that the target customer wants to enjoy?

From taglines to product descriptions and the About Us page, our focus is to craft an authentic storyline for your brand. To express your excellence with confidence and ensure your message resonates with high-end consumers.


Verify your company’s international presence with a bilingual or multilingual website. We offer high-quality translations and website localization with a fast turn-around time.

Establish your brand’s credibility and give an impression of authority, thoroughness and care.