by Squadplan



Cohesive branding matters. Make sure that your brand message is consistent on all platforms and that your social media appearance is in line with brand guidelines. That being said, we love to design captivating posts and create aesthetically pleasing feeds.

Your social media followers expect style & substance from you – so why not give them true value in a gorgeous package?

Community Management


To build a strong social media presence, we help you nurture your community and navigate your communications in the social landscape.

Our community manager can foster conversations and make your supporters always feel heard and valued. To earn their respect and trust they need to see that you are committed and responsive and that you actually care about them.

Content Creation


We translate your strategy into relatable and well-designed content. Our team of creatives will emphasize the elements that make your brand special using high-quality visual content.


Each post can elevate your brand value in your followers’ eyes, and that is why we aim to tailor visually stunning content that meets and even exceeds their expectations.

Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of managing your own social media strategy?


Now you can relax and get back to running your business because at Squadplan we cover strategy, creativity, campaigns, and influencers.

We use customized social media marketing solutions to boost brand awareness and help our clients strengthen their relationship with new and existing customers.


Attract prospects and grow your audience organically with our effective social media campaigns. Visual aesthetics is weaved into everything we do, from creating experiences people love to executing targeting campaigns across the social ecosystem.