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by Squadplan
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BULL & BEAR WALLET is a practical wallet with coin cartridges that is particularly suitable for catering use. The wallet is intended for everyone who wants to handle coins quickly and easily, in particular employees in restaurants, restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels.
& Management
 Business Cards, Flyers & Product Pictures
About the design
The color scheme varies from clear white and black tones to golden and beige shades.



Flyer & Business Cards
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-08 um
To promote the BULL & BEAR WALLET, we designed a flyer with a discount code.
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Social Media
For the social media concept, we focused on a structured and elegant design. The use of gold enhances the concept. Since the wallets are a high-quality leather product, we found this combination appropriate.
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Product Photography
In photoshoots in various restaurants, we created the website's product images, social media, and other marketing purposes.
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