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Every person and every company deals differently with the special situation since the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. We at SQUADPLAN have decided to use our skills as best as possible to help the people and institutions most affected by it.

That is why we volunteer by supporting the online

platform Match4Care on social media.

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ABOUT Match4Care

Match4Care is a national interdisciplinary platform that connects helpers with care and health institutions that urgently need support in this difficult time.

Nursing and health facilities in Switzerland face major challenges in the human resources area. Due to the high number of COVID-19 cases, the pressure on the entire care system increases daily, which leads to increased personnel requirements. At the same time, there is a high risk of further shortages in stuff due to infections.

Together with an association of nursing facilities in Switzerland, Match4Care has developed a scalable and expandable platform for bringing together available nursing staff or people from medical-related areas and nursing facilities. As a kind of marketplace for helpers and institutions in need of personnel, Match4Care intends to make a contribution to overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.

So if you or someone you know have experience in the sectors of care, cooking, or cleaning and would like to kindly offer your assistance, please register today with and help the institutions in need to cope with this unprecedented situation.


We at SQUADPLAN are contributing in this crisis by helping Match4Care with social media management and online marketing and hope that we can continue to be helpful in any situation with our support in the future.

We appreciate the opportunity to support Match4Care and thank all partners and supporters.


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