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by Squadplan


Saveta Tomovic Dubak

Her love for digital began with the first announcements of smartphones. Wanting to learn more about this world, she joined the most popular digital/e-commerce platforms in Switzerland and was working there for 6 years. She was studying Economics in Zurich while working full time. Talk about a go-getter!

Saveta says that her success comes from hard work, courage, and a positive attitude. ‘I believe in the Swiss work ethic and pursuing your passions. Follow your fire and pour your heart & soul into everything you do. Chase excellence and success will follow.’


Over the years of working in the digital field, Saveta fell in love with online branding and content creation. Her talent to successfully set up companies online and do it with great taste and design sense – didn’t go unnoticed. New work opportunities kept coming her way. ‘Founding Squadplan Gmbh was the next logical step. It came naturally.’

Squadplan was born in 2017 out of Saveta’s strong desire to create and produce work that speaks volumes. Her approach is artistic & strategic, her style elevated & free-spirited, and her goal – to make your business shine online. Saveta applies her extensive business background and a flair for ‘all things beautiful’ to shape sublime digital experiences rooted in a coherent strategy.

Even in her personal life, Saveta rarely slows down. She is passionate about creating opportunities for those left behind. Caring for the less fortunate is her way to spread love and give back to others. ‘Success is measured by what you do for others.’ Committed to human rights activism for years, she gave her first United Nations speech in Geneva regarding minorities and has founded her very own Charity for Balkan Children.


United Nation Human Rights Council’s on Minority Issues (NGO)



United Nation Human Rights Council’s on Minority Issues (NGO)


Fostering Hope: Jelisaveta Tomovic

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