How to become an Influencer in 3, 2, 1...

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Becoming an influencer doesn’t happen overnight. It‘s a process that takes time and effort to see results. We have listed some tips below which will help you on your journey to „influence“ people. If you follow these tips consistently – BOOM – you’ll start seeing results in no time! Thousands of others could do it - so there’s no reason why you couldn’t do it as well!


You should choose your niche first. When choosing a niche, you should also have some knowledge or expertise in the field.

Whether you like fashion or food, just be consistent with your content. It might even be a combination of different things, as long as they’re not random.

Take fashion influencer Michele Krüsi’s (@thefashionfraction) Instagram feed, for example. All of her content revolves around fashion and travel. She maintains variety in terms of the types of content, but never deviates from her core area of expertise. Pretty lit, right?

Overall, keep your content strategy focused on your niche, but not too narrow. Think from a long-term perspective and start preparing to be an influencer right from the start.


Once you have decided on your niche, you need to work on your Instagram bio. Spice it up a bit!

Create a bio that catches people’s attention by talking about yourself in a way that engages people. Make your profile look interesting.


You’ll probably think now: “duh, that’s obvious.” Captions that go along with your shared photos are as important as the photos themselves. Make use of captions to tell stories or share things about yourself, connect with your followers on an emotional level.

Give your followers a reason to follow you and engage with you.

Be authentic and genuine: share more personal stories so you stay authentic and your followers believe you.

4. SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE (or 9 of them)

Think bigger: each photo is part of a 9-picture-grid in your feed. Try to make your photos look good next to each other and make them fit to each other.

Each of your photos should be visually appealing and taken in high-resolution and good light.

Many Instagram influencers follow a particular style of editing their photos so that the color or composition is uniform. You can use apps to edit your photos or presets.

We suggest using mobile presets which you can buy quite cheap on Etsy

Here are some of our favorites: if you’re a city gal, go with the New York filter which fits the urban vibe. More of a beach babe? Then why don’t you try the sunny Capri version? Our apprentice Tanea loves clean vibes, so she prefers the Airy presets. Find what suits you and again - be consistent!

Think about what kind of pictures you would like to share - selfies, street style shots, quotes, product pictures, mood pics or similar - then think about how it could look next to each other. Use apps like “preview” or “unum” to have a preview of your possible feed and to plan your posts in the grid.


So much for consistency - posting pictures consistently is crucial! Lots of influencers on Instagram post daily or a few times a week. See what fits best for you and be consistent to receive higher engagements.

You can also use planning tools like Hootsuite to be more consistent and organized.

6. # # # # #

Hashtags are important because they enable your content to be found by other Instagram users.

Per post you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags, try to use all of them and as often as possible. Try to use hashtags with decent search volumes, so your pictures actually get a chance to be seen (you can use them in the comment section too in case you don’t want to distract from your caption).


Save pictures from other influencers to get inspired for new ideas and content.

Try to find an Instagram page that works as an example for your own feed and keep up with how the Influencer is working, e.g. when they post, what they focus on, what presets they use, etc.


Instagram Stories are perfect for sharing tons of content that didn’t make it on the feed. Share personal things, opinions, daily situations, routines, etc.

You can add hashtags, tag people and add locations to reach more people.

By using the swipe up option, you can even include an outbound link (for 10k+ influencers only though).


You need to understand your target audience. Try to connect with people and followers with similar interests in your niche.

You must know who you’re targeting and then build a loyal follower base.

To understand your audience, you can first start by analyzing your current follower base to get insights into their demographics and interests.


Your content will get likes and comments on your posts and it is important to connect with your followers, so reply to the comments, like them and answer questions.

Interact by asking questions to your audience in the caption.

Let Brands Know You’re Open to Collaborations by commenting on their Instagram pages or messaging relevant brands with a pitch on what you can offer.

Or simply tag brands, mention them when you talk about their products in your posts and stories to raise their attention.

That’s it. Easier said than done - but give it a shot!

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