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“Dream big!” We hear this all the time – from visionaries, from influencers, from founders. “Dream big!” It’s as if they’re telling us, “all you have to do is to dream, and you’ll succeed.” 


Saying that “dreaming big” is the only thing you need for success is like saying the only thing you need to write the next best-selling novel is a pen and paper. It’s just one part of the equation. 


What are these influencers or motivational speakers leaving out? What are they photoshopping out of their success stories?


Self-made entrepreneurs don’t just “wake up like this.”


They have to work for it every day. When you’re a business owner, you don’t only dream of making a million dollars; You specialize in something, you go out and find clients.

You build a relationship. You understand their needs. You show how you can supply the answer. You market your product or your service. And you make that sale. 


You don’t just upload selfies and post about your amazing success.


Wishing and boasting can never replace hard work.


Building a company, paying yourself a living wage, allowing you to live your lifestyle on your terms: that’s what success means.


That’s the hard work. That’s what makes a dream into reality. That, and, of course, having a head start. A head start doesn’t have to be money – though it can be money. While being a hard worker, Jeff Bezos benefitted from a $300,000 loan from his parents to start Amazon (something he seems to photoshop out). 

Most of us don’t have access to this – but we have other forms of head starts we can use. Innate talents, great networks, and connections – all things that we can leverage to give ourselves the boost we need to achieve success. 


Dream big. Sure. But Dream Smart. Dream Smart by taking that dream and looking at what things you already have that can help you achieve that dream. And then work bigger. Work like crazy to boost that leverage and make that dream a reality.


And don’t lie.


Don’t think that good PR can replace hard work.


PR may get you more followers and a sprinkling of fame, but it will leave your dream just that: a dream.

PR may get you more followers and a sprinkling of fame, but it will leave your dream just that: a dream
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